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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A lot has happened

Well, we have been pretty busy for over a month now. My doctor in Homosassa wanted to run a follow up test after my Prostate Cancer treatment. The test was OK, but he did prescribe some medication. He wanted to follow up on that later and I got an appointment for the 27th. As we had about 3 weeks to wait, we decided to head south for a while.

Our first stop was in St. Cloud where friends from Bemus Point, NY have a place. On the way, we stopped at Camping world in Kississimmee for some supplies and a replacement satellite antenna to replace the one that had gotten damaged in transit. As we left the store, we received a phone call that Loretta's sister was going to have surgery. We did spend a few days visiting Dick and Gladys and they gave us a tour of the area. Also we assisted each other on some tasks. He helped remove and clean our furnace and seal a leak on one of the Slideouts.

Then we went to the Moose Club in Sarasota for 3 nights. From that base, we visited friends and family in Sarasota and Englewood. We had planned on moving to Arcadia then to visit SKP friends Glenn and Sue. But Loretta felt that she should be with her sister, so we canceled that part of our trip. We moved to their place near Chapel Hill, TN in time for a few days of visiting.

They have a nice full-hookup site so we have been using this a base from which to travel to and from Williamson Medical Center in Franklin. She has now had the surgery with good report and is now waiting for her release from the hospital. One thing in her advantage is that she is in the unit where Loretta's daughter Sharon is a nurse and can look after her. We didn't go in today (Wednesday) as we woke to a light dusting of snow and below freezing temperatures. According to the TV news, roads over that way were slippery and lots of accidents. It only got slightly above freezing today, and all schools are closed. I expect that it will be somewhat better tomorrow and that we will go to visit again unless she is to be discharged.

Loretta is still having a lot of hip pain, so I expect that while we are still in the area, she will trade that in on a new one. So that means we will bu unable to attend the Fleetwood Travelcade Club rally in Columbia, MO in April. Oh well, plans are made to be changed. I have several duties there, but help has been located to cover for me. One of my brothers was scheduled for a surgical procedure in North Carolina yesterday. I guess I had better call and check on him or Loretta will be on my case.

Bout enough for now

PS: According to Nashville news, there were over 100 accidents in the area this morning!! Western New York wouldn't even say that it had snowed.

GOD Bless

Andy and Loretta



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