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Friday, July 25, 2008

Loretta back home

Sunday after surgery Loretta was on a liquid diet. Monday morning, she asked the Aide when the breakfast trays were coming. She was told "When you order it". However after being told about the liquid diet she went to check. Soon a menu was delivered and we placed a phone order, being told that a few things she wanted were NOT on her diet. A while later Room Service delivered the tray. Lunch was the same way. quite a menu to order from also.

In the afternoon, Dr. Dekker (the surgeon) came by and checked her out. He also removed the drainage tube. Loretta had been taken off the pain medication via IV and had just taken a pill when he arrived. So the removal of the tube was very painful. He then told her she was going home. So preparation was made for her discharge and she came home to rest as she was still in a lot of pain. The pain pill prescribed were the same as she had been taking since the hip surgery but 1.5 times as strong. So after taking one, she was asleep for a long time and that continued through Tuesday. She also ate very little. We did go to Cracker Barrel Monday night for supper, but she hardly touched her supper.

Wednesday she was to go to Dr. Dekker's office about sixteen and a half mile away. The appointment was 0845, and we left here at 0745. We were a bit late arriving there, rush hour traffic here is something else even on the Interstate which we took almost all the way. He was happy with her progress and released her to travel when she felt up to it. Stitches have to be removed in 2 weeks, but we can take care of that. On the way home, we stopped at 29 Diner which is a Historical Landmark. One of the few old dining cars left. She did eat a fair breakfast.

She didn't feel up to riding to Richmond in the evening when Al and I went to pick up one of his daughters that was flying out of Dulles the next day on vacation. The first trip was rather hectic as 3 wicked storms converged on the area just as we left. But the last part was OK, and we arrived back home at about 0200. In the afternoon we went to Eggspectation for lunch. They specialize in egg dishes which are delicious, but $48 for breakfast dishes for 3 rather shocked us.

Last evening Al and a friend were going to an Archery event near Coudersport, PA. We opted to NOT try that trip as Loretta was feeling ill. Today I think the pain is a lot less and we did go out for shopping and lunch at Red Robin. I wish she had eaten that better, but she is improving.

Guess that is all I have to offer at this time.

Andy and Loretta


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