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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Still in Chapel Hill, TN

Well, it appears we have had a bit of a setback. After my last posting, Loretta developed a severe pain in her ankle. The Visiting Nurse or Physical Therapist could see no reason. On Thursday she had an appointment with her Primary Physician. He prescribed a Doppler Test of her leg and groin areas. He said he didn't suspect a Blood Clot, but wanted to be sure. That was scheduled for Tuesday last week and provided the expected information. Thursday she had an appointment with her surgeon. They X-Rayed both the hip and ankle. We saw the pictures and he said the hip looks great. He said there was some arthritis in the ankle, but not enough to cause pain. He suspected Gout, and put her on a 6 day Steroid treatment for that. She finished that routine Monday, but still having some pain. He wants to see her again on the 15th. Whether is is the pain, or medication, but she has been ill some and hasn't been able to make it to church the past 2 weeks also.

So that changes our plans of going to NY State this week for 4th, Teamsters Retires Luncheon, and my Class of 51 reunion dinner. Hopefully we can make the trip later in the summer and attend Loretta's family reunion at least.

Yesterday we rode to Franklin with her sister and husband. I think Loretta sat wrong in the back seat as her leg and hip is hurting today. The Therapist is due to arrive later, and we will have her examine it. Also got a call from daughter Sharon, she broke a rib yesterday and spent most of day in Emergency Room at Maury Regional Hospital in Columbia. I guess she had to threaten to go to Williamson Medical Center in Franklin where she works before getting any attention. She is back home now but sore and can use prayers. Also keep Loretta in your prayers for continued recovery.

Doctors and Therapists are impressed with her progress, but concerned about the ankle pain.

I am well and keeping busy with the usual (and some unusual) maintenance projects here and housework chores that Loretta cannot do at this time.

All for now

GOD Bless

Andy and Loretta




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