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Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally got to Frewsburg, NY

We had some difficulty getting a break in the weather to make our move from near Bolivar, NY. But finally got a few days of good weather and came to our usual stop in the yard of friends Tom and Kathy near Frewsburg. The trip was pretty well uneventful except heavy rain before we got set up here. We jad tp get some prescriptions filled so as soon as we could, a trip to Wal-Mart near Warren, PA was in order. We could get them filled here in NY, but if we do, we cannot get any more refills. Also it is really closer to the store in PA than at Lakewood, NY.

The ride was pretty rough on Loretta, but she has since overcome that. She is doing very well in her recovery. She was told to be careful of her diet, but could not wait to get a Fish Fry at the Dinner Bell Restaurant here. She also had to get somt "Rocket Launchers" (Texas Hot Dogs) from AJ's in Jamestown and her favorite Wings at the Horseshoe Restaurant near the Kinzua Reservoir nearby. So far she has handled all well much to my surprise. She has not been able to exercise her hip fully since the Gall Bladder surgery, but is now starting to work on that and walking some.

Other than this and some shopping, not a lot to report. I finally did get the trailer set up for a lengthy stay and have been assisting Tom with some computer "Challanges". I haven't ben able to get my antenna positioned so that it will tune correctly, so haven't done much operating on the Ham Radio bands. Hopefully I will overcome that soon, but with the help of a wireless connection here have been able to pretty well catch up on back email, etc.

Nuff for now
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta
Loretta @W2UCZ.com


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