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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

On the road again - Bolivar, NY

We spent the next several days in R&R with Loretta coming along well. We did put in one evening of Joker with our hosts. Then on Wednesday, we went with them to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Loretta used a wheel chair and the place was packed. But we still had an enjoyable but tiring day.

On Friday, we secured and got ready to travel as Loretta felt she was up to it and our waste tanks needed to be dumped. After breakfast with our hosts, we got underway, stopping at the Flying J near Winchester, VA. There we dumped tanks, fueled and had lunch. The rest of day was pretty slow with traffic tie-ups and construction. It took us over an hour to get through Berkley Springs, WV and we never saw what was the traffic holdup. Also on Interstate 70 we encountered 2 stretches of one lane traffic which held us up. So it was early evening when we arrived in Breezewood, PA. We had supper at the TA Truckstop there then asked the manager about spending night as Loretta had about enough riding for one day. He directed us to an area that was mostly used for tour buses. He said that none were expected, but one spent about an hour running next door. It was so hot that we had several windows open and both the noise and fumes interfered with Loretta's sleep.

Saturday morning, we started a trip across Pennsylvania. We took RT. 30 to Bedford then I-99 to Bald Eagle which was all pretty good roads. Then we got into some of the famous PA highways. Lots of hills and crooked roads, also some were quite narrow. We even ended up on one posted at 10 tons and our rig weighs over 14 tons, but except for hills, narrow and crooked road found no reason for the posting. Al Anderson had told us about passing the site of the Austin Dam disaster in 1911. I had hoped to get pictures of the broken dam and the remains of the Bayliss Pulp Mill. However there was no place to get our rig off the road for that so will download some from the Internet. There was a roadway nearby marked Austin Dam Disaster Park, however I did not want to attempt it with our rig not knowinw what would be encountered. We arrived at my daughter's place in the afternoon. One of the grandaughters was there and had brought goodies for supper. Ray grilled them, then we had a delicious supper, calling it a day fairly early. Sunday was spent getting set up for a few days, visiting and in the evening going to Sprague's Maple House for supper.

Yesterday Ray invited me to go fishing with him at Cuba Lake. We met one of my grandsons there and the 3 of us stayed on the lake till after dark. We first tried casting into likely spots along the edge with only one Perch for our efforts. So in the evening Carl and I trolled while Ray drove the boat. In fact, Carl got a hit as soon as his lure hit the water and before starting to troll. It was a nice Pike of almost 30 inches. We had very good luck by this method and between us got several Pike, some very nice Walleyes and a few Bass. It was late by time we returned and after supper, it was soon to bed. Loretta had a rough night as her supper had not agreed with her.

Today I assisted Ray on a small roof repair on their house. Then I took Loretta to Jones Hospital in Wellsville for a blood test to be taken. While there, we had lunch and did some shopping. Then home to rest before supper with Jodi - Ray had gone fishing with Carl again, but I didn't go. As of now we haven't any plans as to when we will move to Frewsburg, NY. I expect when we get a break in the weather we will make that short move. There has been several showers since we arrived and in fact there is a Thunderstorm in progress right now.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta
Andy @ W2UCZ.com


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