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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Still in NY for a while

Well, finally there has been some good weather here. I understand that it has rained over half of the days all summer. We have been busy visiting friends and family in the area. Also attended Loretta's family reunion which was well attended by many of her relatives.

I have been working with our host Tom W2DRZ in an attempt to install a different Ham Radio antenna on our trailer. So far, it hasn't outperformed the antenna I have used for years. Also the desktop computer developed a problem that appeared to be hardware rather than software. I tried all that I knew without solving the problems, so it is presently at the Acer Repair facility in Temple, TX. Hopefully it will be back this week.

If it is, we plan on heading to the Fleetwood Travelcade Club rendezvous near San Antonio, TX next weekend. Our plans at this time are to spend a few days visiting Loretta's uncle and aunt in Arlington, TX. Hopefully we will be able to park nearby with friends Gil and Bonnie McClure who we haven't seen in years. However if the computer isn't back by then our plans may have to be changed.

Loretta is coming along well since her Gall Bladder surgery with the only ill effect having to be a bit cautious about some foods. However the surgery did set her back on her exercise schedule and she is having a bit of hip pain again. We at the top of a waiting list for a Travelcade to Big Bend Country in Texas following the rendezvous. However, unless she improves more rapidly than she has, we may have to opt out if we are accepted to go. There will surely be a lot of walking and at this time she isn't up to that and tires too easily. Well, we plan mostly each day at a time, and the LORD knows what is best.

Fuel prices are coming down, but it still is very expensive to travel long distances. I watch prices online and see that the price at one station where we fueled about 2 months ago in Virginia is almost $1.00 less than when we fueled there. I had rather hoped to visit friends in Western Kansas before going to Texas, but that was over 600 miles out of our way which would cost almost $250.00 additional. So that will have to wait another day.

Not much more to report, so will close for now.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta



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