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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Frosty near Chapel Hill, TN

While parked at our base location on Circle P Farm near Lynnville, TN I ordered repair material for the trailer roof and started repairs. My ladder wasn't long enough for me to reach the areas that needed to be done from the ground the way we have to park there. We did catch up on visiting with family there and attended Campbellsville UMC Church to visit with friends there.

The next week we moved to Loretta's sister and brother-in-laws property near Chapel Hill, TN. Although we weren't able to park on the full-hookup site, and we had to obtain an electrical adapter to obtain sufficient power, we do have water and electric and are in reach of the Black Water dump. Cliff is working on their new house and I have assisted a bit on some of the tasks there. He also has DSL now so I took my wireless router into the shop where his computer is. Then ran Cat5 cable out to our trailer as the building is steel and wireless won't work. Sure a lot nicer than the dial-up in this area. In addition, Verizon discontinued the data service I had been using which was quite fast. They want me to sign up for their High Speed data service. But that would double my bill and I would be unable to use it in many areas. However, I may be forced to if I cannot find enough WiFi sites as we travel.

As usual we try to get our annual doctor visits scheduled in November and have made several trips to Columbia and Lewisburg for those. We have a few more yet to do and some tests before we will head to Florida. Also we may attend the Tennessee Unit of Fleetwood Travelcade Club Christmas Luncheon at Montgomery Bell State Park which isn't too far away. Fuel price is now getting down around $2.50/gal which does allow us to travel a bit more.

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving day with Loretta's daughter in law and family near Lynnville. Then the following Saturday we will go to Murfreesboro. One of her grandsons recently moved there and as his parents have to work Thanksgiving Day will celebrate with them.

Mostly the weather here has been good. There was some rain right after getting roof repairs done which rushed me a bit on that. We also have had a few rainy days since, but mostly sunny. However we have had several frosty nights and tomorrow they are calling for a low of about 17 degrees - hope they are wrong. But in a few weeks we expect to be in Florida and it should be warmer there.

GOD Bless and Happy Thanksgiving.
Andy and Loretta


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