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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year and GOD Bless

My how time flies, but we have been busy.  All doctor visits and my biopsy all turned out OK.  Was also able to get into dentist for checkup.  One evening upon returning to the trailer, I couldn't open the door.  With Cliff's help, I removed the hinge pins and screen door.  I was then able to remove the inside of the latch and found the bolt broken.  I removed the bolt and now use the dead bolt to latch the door.  We didn't have time to search for repair parts before leaving.  I did find that reconditioned latches are available for several hundred dollars.

From Chapel Hill, TN, we proceeded to Macon, GA stopping at Texas T Campground for propane. And an overnight at Birmingham, AL.  Before arrival in Macon, a brake warning appeared.  So next day, I took the truck to NexTran Truck Center.  They checked several items.  The brake and cooling system were OK.  A sensor on the oil pressure line was replaced as computer readings weren't as expected.  But that pricy item didn't seem to make any real change.  So an unexpected repair bill.  We also topped the fuel tanks as price there much lower than Florida.  We visited and dined with Loretta's son Steve and his family.  He also helped secure one of the running boards that was loose.  We went to Camping World at Byron, but they didn't have parts for the door latch.  I purchased another latch but didn't think it would work.

After 3 nights at the Shrine Club Campground, we headed for Florida, returning the latch to Camping World.  That leg of the trip was uneventful but we did overnight at Lake Park, GA.  We arrived at the Moose Club in Palatka, FL the next afternoon and set up in the campground.  We spent over a week there, shopping, dining out and at the club and some minor PM work on the trailer.  Last year I had WiFi from Palatka Sky Divers next door, but none this year.  We did get to watch the Sky Divers several days though.  I finally set up my cell phone for Internet, but by time they got that running it was almost time to leave.  We spent CHRISTmas day with Loretta's family and relatives in Daytona Beach and had a great time.  Before moving, Steve and I started to dump the waste tanks and the Macerator Pump failed.  So I used the dump station when leaving. 

Last Monday we prepared to move to Arcadia, FL.   However when we attempted to put the slide-outs in, the door-side one wouldn't move.  Investigation revealed that it was out to far and jammed.  I jacked it up then got it in OK.  We had a nice ride through Ocala National Forest for about half of the trip.  The rest was heavy traffic and congestion.  So I was beat by time we arrived at our friends Glen and Sue.  After a short visit we started to set up only to find that the door-side slide-out wouldn't extend.  I left that till next day for my attention.  

I had to borrow a long adjustable brace to get it out.  It didn't want to close again binding on top.  So Glen and I started to try and locate the problem.  Apparently when  jacking the slide-out up, I had forced the sidewall down some.  So I have been spending every day attempting repairs.  Also when pulling onto the highway at the Moose Club, one of the stabilizer jacks bent.  So I have also that to repair.  I am also trying to locate a shop to repair the motor for the Macerator Pump.  Otherwise time has been spent visiting and some shopping.

This evening Loretta and I went to a nice restaurant in Arcadia for our New Years Eve celebration?   I doubt that we will be awake at midnight to welcome the New Year.

Guess that gets up to date for now



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