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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Keeping busy

We spent New Years Day dinner with out hosts Glen and Sue and friends.  Dinner featured sauerkraut and pork.  That is supposed to bring good luck which we sure can use.  They are great friends and very helpful.

I found the damage to the trailer was more extensive than I had expected.  I had jacked the slide-out up by using the outer frame of the trailer to clear it so it would go in.  BUT in doing so, I had pushed the sidewall down.  So I have been making repairs slowly,  it should be stronger than new when I finish.  I am not rushing the job so as not to make any mistakes - well, too many.  I was able to straighten the damaged stabilizer jack so that is ready to put back on.  While making repairs, I discovered some age related damage which I am also taking care of.  Also located a source to replace the damaged door latch.  I will call them tomorrow, but as that isn't pressing, may not order till I get other challenges under control.  Glen has given me some assistance and provided a shop to work in which is much appreciated.

Friday evening we rode with them to the Eagles Club for Seafood supper which was delicious.  Otherwise our time has been spent at the usual shopping, dining out, etc.

Loretta is doing pretty well, but not getting enough exercise.  So she sometimes is quite weak and shaky, but I cannot force her to exercise.  Prayers for her are requested.

That is about all for now
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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