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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Belated update

I don't know why but this did NOT post back in February.  So much going on since that I really got backed up and really need to get updated if  I can remember.

Been quite an active month and a half.  I spent over a month on repairs to the trailer, doing a bit each day.  But it should be stronger than when it was new now.  The bar supporting the sidewall had welds broken off from the support brackets.  I put an angle support under the sidewall from the wheels back.  Then I welded angle brackets which I bolted to the frame brackets and the new angle bracket.  I also straightened the support bar and reversed it to provide more strength.  I used self tapping screws and bolts to secure everything.  Probably could have used welds, but had no previous experience with a wire welder.  I did fairly well on the angle brackets which I fabricated in the shop.  Glen provided a lot of assistance and advice too.  We also replaced a piece of sheet metal on the underside which had previous damage.  Thanks to Glen and his supply.  The outside wall under the slide-out was damaged badly, and he even some white paneling which matched well to replace the damage.  

After finishing those repairs, I patched some pits on the sidewall and repainted that area as well as some of the trim decals.  So the trailer is in pretty good shape again.  That slide-out isn't closing quite correctly even after adjustments, but will readjust after moving again so that things can get settled into place.   Also some of the trim decals on the other side need repainted, that is pretty fine work so will make sure I am steady when attacking that.

I also ordered the replacement door latch.  After it arrived, we installed that, and no longer have to use the dead bolt to latch the door.  The new latch also works much better than the original ever did I think.

The electric door locks on the truck hadn't been working well for some time.  So after the trailer, Glen and I removed all the access panels and lubricated all lock mechanisms.   Some time ago one of the rear windows stopped working.  We had removed the mechanism and friend Al had brazed a broken part.  However it still wouldn't stay closed completely.  So while the access panels were off, we removed that also.  We found the weld was at a bit of an angle causing the gears to come out of alignment near the closed position.  So I ground the old weld off (You did a good job Al, I had quite a job getting enough weld off to free the shaft.  Then after getting the shaft straight, I wire welded it back together and we re-installed it in the truck.  Now all windows and door locks work as they should.  

Last week, I washed the trailer roof and repainted part of the rubber roof on the living room slide-out.  Then after washing the whole trailer, I used degreaser to remove road film and spots on most of the exterior as far as I could reach.  Except the front which I was able to reach from the truck bed, the upper half is pretty well free of spots and stains.  The trailer looked so good, that I decided the truck needed a good wash job too.  Glen has a pressure washer which I had used before, but it decided to not cooperate.  So that was a hand job.  When finished, I used some spray paint to touch up some scratches and areas where paint had been worn off.  Not too happy with using spray can, but looks very good except up real close.

We have gone out with Glen, Sue and a group of friends every Friday night for supper and visit which is very enjoyable.   We did go to Venice a few weeks ago to visit an old friend in a rehab facility.  Then to Englewood to visit my nephew Larry and his family for great visit and supper.  Other than that, we have been mostly shopping, eating out, visiting with Glen and Sue and R&R.  No side trips or sightseeing other than the above mentioned.  Perhaps some before leaving here.

Our health has been good, and as usual I am so good that it is embarrassing to talk about it.  Loretta seems to be getting stronger and walking a bit more.  There is a washer and dryer in a building nearby and she has been keeping that attended to.  Sure beats going to laundromat.  

Don't have much more to offer at this time.
Keep in touch

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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