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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Really got backed up!!!!!
One reason is that my hard drive crashed.  I have backup drive which
I hadn't cloned to recently, but backup data daily so expected no real
trouble.  After days of attempting to clone the backup drive to the main
drive I decided that wasn't going to happen.  So now I will have to install
a new drive.  I use Carbonite online backup, so I was able to restore most
from that.  I did lose some programs that hopefully I can get back.

This did result in losing my email address book so am now using the old 
one.  I had gotten requested emails from many of you indicating which 
list to place you on and had done that.  Now I have to request that info
again, I have 4 choices:
1-    Forwards - these get jokes, stories, conservative forwards, etc.
2-    Special Friends - These get these posts and occasionally a forward
which I attempt to limit.  But sometimes when sending to Personal address
book, they do get included.  I try to limit using Personal Address Book for 
this reason
3 -    Prayer list - these receive my Prayer Requests and forwarded requests.

I would appreciate email indicating which list to place you on again

Well, as I said in last post, repairs were pretty well finished. We enjoyed the
rest of our visit in Arcadia, with quite a bit of HOT weather and very dry 
with no rain while were there to speak of.  There were 3 cold nights, one
with killing frost, so most flowers got set back but were coming along well 
by time we moved on.  We did have overnight visitors by Ham Radio friends 
from Inglis, FL which was surely enjoyed.  Glenn suggested they stay longer
but they wanted to head home.

From Arcadia, we proceeded to the Moose Lodge near Lecanto, FL where
we spent almost a week.  Unfortunately on the way a tire on the trailer
blew out, removing the trim fender on that side.  We got off the road to 
install the spare and it appeared that it would be wasted time to walk back 
to where the tire had failed as it would have been damaged and in 4 lanes of
heavy traffic, would probably be just pieces.  While parked at Lecanto, we 
got together with friends from that area, had breakfast with a Ham Radio
group in Inglis.  We got to visit our friend Marilyn Doud (we used to park 
at their place in Homosassa) in an assisted living facility.  She looked great
and it was a shock to get word that she had passed away a few weeks later
I also located a new tire and installed it there - expensive for 14ply tires.

We then moved on our usual spot near Chapel Hill, TN.  After arriving here
I moved the good fender to the right side which covered some of my repairs
from Florida.  We planned to spend our time here mostly R&R, visiting, 
seeing family and doctors.  BUT plans are prone to change.  Our fridge
failed shortly after arrival here.  As a new unit is out of our price range, I 
opted to replace the cooling unit.  I located a company in Arkansas that
had those at an affordable price.  So I ordered one and prepared the fridge
for removal to do that job.  When the cooling unit hadn't arrived a week later
I phoned to find it was back ordered for another week or two.  It was supposed
to have shipped a week ago last Monday and didn't arrive that week.  More 
calls indicated that it was lost in shipment.  So Friday I was informed that
a replacement will be shipped tomorrow or Tuesday.  I sure hope so - we 
are able to use the fridge in the RV parked next to us but still inconvenient
chasing back and forth.

We have been catching up on doctor visits which happens every time we
are in TN.  Everything has been very good so far.  We have made a few 
trips to Lynnville for mail, visit and Easter dinner.  I have assisted on a few 
small tasks around here in the meantime.  In 2 weeks I get my bladder 
scoped as follow up to last round of BCG treatments.  I expect NO cancer
will be seen as last biopsy and scope were clean.  

Guess I have rambled long enough.
Would like to hear from you.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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