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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Back in NY

I finally got cooling unit installed, tested fridge then installed it in trailer.  I think it works better than new, but sure not happy with the delay and amount of work required.  

Thought about heading north, but a fuel leak on truck appeared to be fuel pump.  Worried some about pump failure on the road.  The parts man at the truck shop had gone on vacation so hadn't ordered a new pump.  But I got a call from the owner asking if I still wanted it.  He ordered it in for me and it arrived just after Memorial Day.  They installed it on Friday then found an oil leak at the high pressure pump for the injectors.  As a new pump (not repairable) cost $700 and they said it shouldn't fail on the road but leak some oil, I opted to wait for that repair.

So after church on Sunday the 3rd, we hooked up and got underway.  Had a good and pretty much safe trip spending 2 nights on the way.  Only incident was Tuesday when we came upon a small straight truck driving slow then faster than us.  When we came to an area where right lane was closed we followed him into center lane.  He stayed in center lane when right lane opened up, so I passed him on right side.  Then he started to pass me again, wandering from side to side.  As the rear of his truck came even with the rear of our trailer, he drifted into the side of the trailer.  I started to pull over, but he continued on.  So we got info from truck and called 911.  I tried to keep him is sight and speeded up to 65 (had been doing 55-60) but he was now pulling away.  We proceeded to next rest area where State Policeman came to investigate.  No real damage to our trailer, another Trooper brought him back but I was unable to see what part of his truck had been involved.  But as he had been wandering all over three lanes, the said they would check him out and sent us on our way.

Since arriving here, we have spent a good share of our time getting settled in and a bit of yard work.  Last Saturday, we went to visit my daughter-in-law.  We had a great visit and I was impressed to see how well she is holding up after the death of my son.  They were going onto 40 years of marriage.  Her faith sure is supporting her, thank the LORD.

We have been doing the usual things - shopping, some dining out, some visiting, etc.  Thursday a gentleman stopped by to say he had bought a 5th Wheel Trailer and would I bring it to Homestead Park Campground.  It was about 25 miles away so yesterday I hooked up to that and brought it to campground.  Then parked it next to a deck (rather touchy job), and helped get leveled.  Not only a favor to him, but a bit of cash for us too.

Nothing exciting planned in the near future, except Loretta's son from Macon GA. is coming next week.  She hasn't seen her new great great grandchild yet, so will be doing that and getting 5 generation picture taken.  

Will close for now
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta
RVLoretta @gmail.com


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