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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Way behind again

View from our window

As planned, Steve arrived from Macon, GA for Loretta's 5 generation pictures.  When they were taken was the first time she saw her great-great-grandson Luke Jones.  About 60 poses were taken and we were given the CD with copyright.  So we supplied CD's and photos to everyone.  Later we went to Sherman to visit Brandon, Cassandra and Luke.  Brandon works for a Livestock sales operation and said that they might have some driving jobs for me.  NONE came up at that time.  

We got to visit daughter-in-law Dennie again and took a trip to visit my daughter Jodell.  Had a nice visit and are now keeping in touch with her.  We also visited several of our friends in the area.  We attended the 61st reunion of my graduating class where a good meal and visits with classmates.  The Teamsters Retirees Club had the annual Chicken Barbeque for more good eats and visits.  We also attended monthly luncheons with meeting of that group too.  

I have done some preventative maintenance on our RV.   I have also assisted our host on several computer and ham radio projects.  And I did extensive clearing of overgrown areas around the property and some removing of low and dead tree branches.  So that along with visits, shopping and dining out has kept us occupied.  

Loretta requires a blood test periodically.  After one trip to WCA Lab we switched to the lab at Warren General Hospital for those.  Service there is better and very little waiting time.  Loretta was ill a short while ago and trip to WGH ER indicated Sinus infection.  But after medication for that the congestion went into her chest.  So back to the ER for a bank of tests - Not pneumonia so more medications to help clear breathing passages.  I had a cyst on my back that had become infected, so i also had that lanced and drained.  More antibiotics, etc for that.  But will have to have it checked when we get back to Tennessee.

Loretta's daughter and part of her family came up for the family reunion Labor Day weekend.  It was good to see them and have great visit and food with other relatives also.  Brandon told me there that they should have work for me.  They called and Wednesday I took 45' semi trailer to Ohio.  We picked up a herd of dairy cattle down in the near mountain part of Ohio.  Quite a trip up that steep and road so crooked that it took the whole road to keep trailer on roadway.  After loading, I had to go back down the same hilly road to the state highway.  I was told to use first gear,  I couldn't remember when I ever had to use first to go down a hill so tried 2nd.  Soon realized why I needed 1st and had to use the Jake Brake to keep slowed down even then.  Even so, I had to use air brakes a few times.

After supper, we headed to Mount Hope, Ohio to deliver the herd to a sale barn there.  But when we got partly there, we found that there was a posted bridge.  26 Ton limit, and we were over 40 Ton.  So we took highways to avoid that which took at least an hour or so more (heard bridge was out too!!).  After some more crooked and somewhat hilly roads, we got herd unloaded.  Then an easy drive back to Sherman, NY arriving at about 0230 in the morning.  Long but interesting day as it was good to get behind the wheel again.  I was told to expect another run next week.  

Had very heavy rain and winds a good share to today, so except visiting Tom and Kathy, it was pretty much getting caught up on mail and record keeping.  Was going to watch race tonight with Tom, but rain delay means start expected to be by 10PM.  So I came home to finish and post this.

Hope all well with everyone.  Sure like to hear from those that do keep in touch.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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