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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Back in Tennessee

The rest of our stay in NY was pretty much the same.  Visiting, yard work, dining out and shopping.  Tom and Kathy got 4 ton of wood pellets for heating.  I helped unload them and other tasks around the property.

The weather had been getting iffy with some rainy days and frosty mornings.  So on the 9th the weather was great, so we got hooked up and left the hilltop.  As we got a late start, we only drove to Austinburg, Ohio.  We stopped at the Flying J Truck Stop there for supper and spent the night.  It was pretty chilly and for some reason the trailer batteries had not charged during trip.  So the furnace quit working in the middle of the night.  I got up and started the truck and reconnected the electric plug.  Batteries then were charging and furnace working so I went back to sleep with the truck running.  I got up a couple of hours later and shut it down - rather expensive heat I imagine as I don't know how much fuel is used on fast idle and price over $4/gallon.

Wednesday we continued on uneventfully into Kentucky.  We spent the night there and got some fuel for the truck and filled our propane tanks.  Warmer so I don't think furnace ran at all that night.   Thursday we continued to our campground in Tennessee, parked and partially set up.   Friday was rainy all day, so we went to Lewisburg for shopping, etc.  Saturday the weather was good so I finished getting hooked and set up.  We also went to Loretta's daughter to get mail and have a nice visit. Sunday we went back to Ray's Chapel United Methodist Church followed by buffet lunch at the Dinner Table in Shelbyville.  

This week has been occupied with walks around the area, visiting here in campground, and as usual shopping and dining out.  Loretta had a doctor appointment on Wednesday in Columbia.  While there stopped at the truck repair shop and ordered a High Pressure Injector pump which has been leaking oil for some time.  The will install that at a later date.  Yesterday was our weekly trip to Wal-Mart for prescriptions, shopping and styling salon for Loretta followed by lunch.  When we neared home on a very narrow road, we met a pickup with extended mirrors.  The woman driving that was very irate, blaming me.  However Loretta said she never pulled to the edge of the road which I had done.  I decided to call the police and had a wait for officer to arrive.  I had expected him to examine the scene and neither to blame.  But he just said he would make a report.  She says that new mirror head would be over a hundred dollars, but I went online this forenoon and found that they are available for between 10 and 20 dollars.   Will have to see how that develops, HI

We have most of our doctor visits in the fall, so they will be starting next week.  We have also arranged to start attending the Senior Center for lunch.  This not only saves a lot of cash, but we git to visit with friends there and it gets Loretta out.  They also have a pool table and exercise room which I take advantage of.  In between, I have no problem keeping busy with little tasks around here.

Guess that gets up to date
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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