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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Update on our stay near Arcadis, FL

Neighbor parked next to us for a few weeks

We have had a good visit with Glenn and Sue near Arcadia, FL.
Three other Escapees RV Club members stopped by for visits while we were here for a short while. The beautiful rig above stayed the longest. Mostly the weather has been mild and enjoyable. There have been a few chilly and a few hot ones, with one day that didn't get to 60 degrees. But no real freezing weather – some frost a few mornings. Also got to mid 80's a few days, but usually a decent breeze and we are parked under some Live Oak trees for shade. It has been dry mostly with only a few rainy days, and even those were mostly clear.

We replaced the damaged tire on the trailer and as the spare was not rated for the weight we put on it, also replaced that. So we have 2 new tires on the road side and 2 fairly recent ones on curb side. There have only been a few minor preventative maintenance repairs that I had to do this year too. I did spend several days giving the unit a very good cleaning – roof and sidewalls. I also replaced the TV antenna with a non-directional unit from Radio Shack. It seemed that I had to continuously rotate the original when we changed channels.

Loretta's pain in wrist and hand finally got the best of her and she went to a local clinic. The doctor there set up an appointment with a specialist in Port Charlotte. His examination revealed Bursitis in shoulder rather that Arthritis. A Cortisone shot seems to have gotten that under control. On follow-up visit, he also gave her one in her right hip which has caused pain for some time too. I have been walking 1-2 miles most mornings before Sun gets too high also.

We have met with a group of 12-18 friends every Friday for supper and visit. We had joined the local Senior Center last year. So we went there for over a month for lunch and visit. However we found that between 2 churches we can get a free lunch 5 days a week. WELL, not really free as we probably put more in the collection jar than the Senior Center meals cost. But it did provide a change of scenery and friends. In addition we decided to attend one (Faith Mission) for Sunday services. We had not selected a church here in the past.
As Loretta isn't up to doing as much as she did in the past, we have not taken in any of the nearby attractions. We also have not visited our friends in the area. Two of very dear ones have passed away since last year. We had intended to visit my nephew in Englewood last weekend. However plans on their end had to be changed. We do plan on getting together with them before heading north.

Glenn has assisted me a bit on repairs and I have returned the favors. He also has a rebuild job on a small travel trailer which I hope to assist on. It would be nice if we can get that done before leaving. But Loretta is getting impatient to get back to Tennessee. Probably missing family there?? We do have to get back in March as we have doctor appointments there. She has to see the Ophthalmologist about her eye, and I think I will also get an appointment as I suspect the Cataract in my left eye is getting worse. I hope to make a stop in Fort Payne, Alabama to visit some friends and Loretta's grandson and family on the way also.

Haven't had any real truck problems recently. But the past 2 months I have not topped the fuel tanks off as I usually do. Today on the way back from town, it quit running. I suspected low fuel even though I had checked that yesterday. (The guage reads incorrectly). So I got on phone and arranged for Sue to bring fuel cans out – we were only a few miles away. I checked the tanks and found the first appeared to have more than yesterday. BUT when I checked the other, there was only aq bit over an inch on the stick. So I assume that for some reason, it had been using more fuel from that one and probably the return had been going to the other. Usually they siphon to the same level. Anyway I put 10 gallons in and surely won't have to worry as I will be fueling on Friday.

As of now, we haven't decided on a departure date, but will be in next couple of weeks.

Guess that gets us up to date.
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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