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Saturday, April 27, 2013

In Chapel Hill, TN

We arrived in Tennessee to this

I have really gotten behind on my posts this time.  We stayed in Arcadia till mid March before heading to Tennessee.  We had a safe and uneventful trip spending 3 nights along the way. We arrived at River Road RV Campground near Chapel Hill in cold weather.  So I parked and hooked up but didn't complete setup for several days.  The weather has been up and down with chilly days then very warm days since arriving here.  We have had some rain, but nothing serious.  In fact it has rained for the past 24 hours but not too heavy and think it is quitting now.  

We got signed in again at the Senior Center and go there most days for visit and lunch.  Some days I play a bit of pool or use the exercise machines.  I also walk some most mornings to help keep in shape.  We have had a bunch of doctor appointments as expected.  The follow-up on the skin Cancer on my ear was OK. But I was sent to a dermatologist who treated several pre-cancerous  spots and biopsied several others.  One on my right jaw does have to be removed and that is scheduled for a week from Tuesday.  I also had Cataract surgery on my left eye which went very well and I now see better without glasses than with.  I will get prescription for new ones in a couple of weeks.

I have gotten Loretta enrolled in a Physical Therapy Clinic here in town and she seems to be gaining strength and stability.   Sure hope so as she was getting very weak and unsteady.  

We haven't been doing a lot of sightseeing or visiting in the area.  Mostly shopping and dining trips as well as attending church.  We have made some new friends also.   Do enjoy watching the wildlife, most days we see deer, rabbits and squirrils often passing right behind our trailer.  And loads of Wild Turkeys in the yard and area - one morning I estimated about 50 in one flock.  

I was losing some oil from the truck so had the engind steam cleaned and found that the oil filter wasn't tightened properly.  As the same shop had serviced it last time there was no charge for this call which was appreciated.  Also when we got here and put the slideouts out, the large one stopped moving.  The motor was running but no action.  When it warmed up enough I got underneath on my back between the axles and removed access panel.  I found a pin sheared after some difficulty removing the motor/gear box assembly.  Also had to remove rear access panel to line things up but that now works great again.

As of now it appears we will be caught up here about mid May.  So we hope to leave shortly after that, making a side trip to visit my youngest brother Brian in Matthews, VA before heading north.  Keep him in your prayers as he is battling Cancer.

Not much more to add now.
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta
(Our travels for several years there)


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