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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Not a lot new here

Don't have much to report.  Loretta does have a regular Caretaker coming in 6 days a week.  She helps with Loretta's daily tasks.  Also meals, laundry and some housekeeping.  Does take a strain off me.  

Don't think there has been any doctor visits since last post either.  However she has neck pain past 3 days, so will go to Mid Tennessee Bone and Joint tomorrow.  

The weekly Bingo session and lunch at the Presbyterian Church has resumed, so we are doing that.  Also some shopping and dining trips so I get her out almost every day.  She has walked in the campground a few times but not too far.  It has really been too hot here to do much outside and I have even neglected my walking sessions.  I have done some cleaning and maintenance on outside of trailer as weather permits.

This week not too hot, but has been raining for several days, HI.  

We did change church to Zion's Hill UMC.  It is just a bit closer to here than Ray's Chapel was.  Also easier for Loretta to get into and she likes it better.  We have still been going to Ray's Chapel on 2nd Saturday for Pancake breakfast - GOOD.

We had hoped to go to Western NY again this year.  Loretta wanted to see her new great granddaughter, spent time with  great granddaughter born last year, and attend her grandson's wedding.  However, she decides she wasn't up to the trip.  Too bad as this will be the first time she has missed her family reunion whic will be Sunday before Labor Day.  But we sill have to do the best we can.  

At least she is able to get up and around every day.  PRAISE THE LORD.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta

As I said - NOT much news here.


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