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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Wednesday November 17

Well, haven't a lot to report this time. I did have to give up on the back last Thursday and went to my chiropractor. He made an adjustment which didn't do much for the pain. So on Monday I went to our family physician. He prescribed an antibiotic and pain medication. Guess the pain was not a strained back. The medication got me back on track and I am now feeling fine. Otherwise not much going on. Doing some work on my photos in the computer and a few chores around here.

Except a couple of frosty mornings, the weather has been mostly great. Rains have pretty well taken the leaves off the trees but enough color still showing to make for beautiful scenery. Yesterday we went for propane and lunch and took a ride through the countryside while we were out.

Hoping all are well, and wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Andy and Loretta


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