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Saturday, December 18, 2004

December 18 - Homosassa, FL

Well, not a lot to report. It has been mostly R&R since we arrived here. We have of course been doing some shopping and visiting some of our favorite eating places in the Homosassa/Crystal River area. Also a lot of catching up with our hosts Cal and Marilyn. Her health is much improved from last year, but she is off somewhat today. As usual Cal and I each have been helping each other with various projects that needed done. Of course this included some software work on his computer. We also know several of the neighbors here and have visited with most.
Usually on weekdays, I have coffee with several of the guys at different restaurants. Wednesdays is "Ladies Day", and one of the wives selects the location. As usual, we have attended several of the good dinners at the Moose Club. This morning Loretta and I went to Howard's Flea Market nearby. Produce there is a lot cheaper than the grocery store, and possibly better in quality. Got some exercise walking the market and did pick up a few other needed items.
I also got on the Internet this morning and located a campground in Daytona Beach that accepts Passport America. We plan on spending a few days at Christmas with family there, then will return to Homasassa for a while.
Bout it for now!!
Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year.
Andy and Loretta


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