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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

December 8 - Now in Florida

Well, after some more rain, we finally got some clear weather, so hooked up Sunday morning and headed south. We took some scenic secondary roads into Alabama before getting onto I-65. Our first stop was the Flying J at Birmingham for fuel and propane. It was starting to rain before that was finished. Glad that it held off as they will not pump propane in the rain. We then took a break hoping for it to let up.

But NO WAY, so we continued south in worsening weather. Before we reached Montgomery it got to the point we gave up. We stopped at a Cracker Barrell for supper and were allowed to remain overnight there.

Monday morning it was clearing as we continued on our way. We found a restaurant with a great Buffet Breakfast in Troy, AL. Later we got off the interstate onto US-84 which was a nice ride into Georgia. However the route markings in Bainbridge (where fuel prices were the best we had seen), and we missed our exit onto US-27. We decided to continue on to Thomasville then take US-19 the rest of our trip. We fueled there which was about 6 cents higher than Birmingham, but about 20 cents lower than here in Florida.

With a rather late start and extra miles (which did avoid city driving in Tallahassee), it was getting dark and we still had several hours to go. We overnighted in a Wal-Mart lot with several other RV'ers. Then we continued to Homasassa, FL on Tuesday arriving at our friends residence at about 10AM. After some visiting a decision was made to park in a different location in their yard which would provide 50Amp electric service. However we felt it best to make up an extension cord which required a trip to the Home Depot in Crystal River. After getting the cord made up, parked and set up it was getting dark. The no-see-ums were eating me alive by then. So we left the balance of setup for today.
Today was started by joining 3 other couples that are related to our hosts and also friends from way back for breakfast at one of the good eateries in the area. That was followed by some shopping then finished our setup here. Also visited with some of the neighbors and took a short ride and a walk around the area before calling it a day.
At this time we have no real plans in this area except R&R and visit friends. We did get word from our doctor that the last tests were also positive which was expected. So at this time, we are not expecting to return to Tennessee till next fall.
Weather here is warm (almost 80) with light breezes. Some change from the winds, rains and frost that we just left.
Merry Christmas ahd Happy New Year to all.


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