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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Time to catch up

Hi all;

Sorry that I have not posted anything lately. But have been pretty busy. When we left Dunkirk, OH we encountered a detour that took us through some scenic areas of the state of Ohio that we had not visited before. We arrived at the Flying J truck stop near Austinburg, OH late in the afternoon. After fueling, purchasing propane and dumping tanks we had supper there. By then it was late enough that we opted to spend the night there.

The following morning we headed to Mott Mountain (my name) near Frewsburg, NY. On the way we visited the new Visitor Center on I86 near Bemus Point, NY. We think this is the most beautiful Visitor Center that we have visited. Then on to Jamestown stopping there at Barmore Sellstrom Tires. I had called ahead and they had ordered in a new tire to replace the spare that was installed in Tennessee. While I was getting the tire installed on the trailer and moving one of the originals to the spare compartment, Loretta walked to Phil and Cindy's Restaurant nearby for breakfast and visit with friends there. Then on to Tom and Kathy's residence where we found our usual parking space filled with logs, limbs and firewood. The woodlot behind their house was recently logged and they are harvesting firewood. They should have a good market with a campground nearby and many local residents burning wood for heat. We got parked, partly set up and visited before going to the Dinner Bell Restaurant in Frewsburg for one of their excellent fish fry dinners.

The next several days were very busy doing some visiting, shopping and getting our truck serviced. This was overdue, and glad we did it as the mechanic found a few Preventative Maintenance items that getting done saved the cost of repairs later. I also got the PSA exam at WCA Hospital that had been ordered by the Oncologist in Florida. Haven't seen results yet, but sure that it is improved. I am feeling very well and sure recovery is on schedule. A week ago last Thursday, we moved to the Monroe County Fairgrounds near Rochester, NY. There we assisted Roger Webster (whom we had assisted in Dayton) of Webster Communications from Rochester, MI at the Rochester Hamfest. Weather was good most of the weekend except a short stormy period on Saturday. However, the attendance in the Flea Market, Commercial Vendors and I think attendees was down. Roger has a list of excellent eating places there and we were treated to some excellent meals. Tom W2DRZ and Kathy had come up to exhibit some Amateur Radio products that Tom has developed and joined us to dinner one evening.

On Sunday after the show was over, we packed and loaded Roger's truck. He then invited us to follow him to the D&R Depot in Leroy for dinner. What an excellent meal. We them parted ways, he heading back to Michigan and we proceed to the residence of Ray and Jodi (my daughter) Oberst near Wellsville, NY. We had a nice visit with them for almost a week. Friday evening, we went to Sprague's Sugar House near Portville, NY for supper - another highly recommended stop if you are ever in the area. I did assist Ray with a few tasks and on Saturday he had me operate a backhoe doing some ditching at a site several miles away. We returned to the house shortly after noon where we got secured and hooked up to travel. On our way back to " Mott Mountain", we took a side trip to the Wal-Mart north of Bradford, PA. I had some prescriptions that needed refilled and New York will not allow them to be transferred out of state once we transfer them in. Then topped the fuel tanks at one of the Indian stations in Salamanca, NY and shopped at one of the gift stores there.

We stopped at the Horseshoe Inn on our way along the Kinzua Lake for supper and to cool off as it was very hot. However, not much cool off as the air conditioner was not working in the dining room where we were seated. We arrived on the hilltop enough before dark to get parked and mostly set up. Didn't do a lot of visiting though as we were beat with the 90 degree heat and humidity. Yesterday after church nearby we went to Jamestown to visit Loretta's son Steve and family. We also checked out one of our favorite eateries - LaScala Restaurant where in addition to an excellent meal, we met other friends of many years that were dining also. We drove by another of our old favorites which had burned to the ground on Friday night. When we returned home, we did catch up on some visiting with Tom, Kathy and Dave.

Guess I have yakked long enough. Wishing all the best, GOD Bless.

Andy and Loretta


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