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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Have I gotten behind?????

I really have been lax on my updates. We have had a lot of very hot weather here with many days in the 90's and high humidity. That and I seem to be lacking in energy some since my treatments have slowed me down somewhat. But I think I am coming along slowly. However, I am still getting up several times during the night which results in little sleep

When we arrived back here on Mott Mountain, we found that our satellite receiver was not working. A call to Direct TV resulted in some instructions that did not work. Fortunately Loretta's son Steve had an old receiver that he wasn't using which he brought up. We found that the access card was corrupted so had to replace that, but our receiver still wouldn't work. So we are now using the one Steve gave us.

We have made several trips to nearby towns for shopping, checking out some of our favorite eateries and some of the new ones that have appeared since we were here 2 years ago. Also visiting family and friends in the area. My brother Clair has a Park Model in Homestead Park Campground less than a half mile away, so we see them most often. Cal and Marilyn (our hosts when we were in Homosassa, FL) came up for several weeks and parked their motorhome on some relatives property. We got by for a couple of visits and the first time were surprised to find my youngest son Kevin and his wife-to-be were visiting there. We had a nice supper and visit with them and other friends that had stopped by.

Our host Tom has had the woodlot behind their house harvested. Our friend Dave that lives here with Tom and Kathy along with another Ham Radio friend have been cutting firewood from the timber left behind by the loggers. The loggers were very selective and left a lot of good logs behind. However as local mills expressed little interest in them, the boys are getting out some great firewood. I have assisted a bit at times when I feel up to it as well as giving some assistance on repairs to their old Ferguson tractor. Yesterday was the first time I really felt up to spending most of the day assisting at the splitter and running a chain saw a bit.

Loretta's son Steve got married last Saturday and her daughter Sharon had come up from Tennessee for the wedding. She stayed with us, and in addition to visiting in-laws that live not far away, we spent quite a bit of time traveling around the local area. The wedding provided a surprise as the Best Man failed to show up. Thought it was usually the groom, HI. The wedding was outdoors and we had taken our seats when Steve came by and informed me the he wished be to take over the duties of Best Man. I guess I did OK even though I was totally unprepared and the event went off without a hitch.

Yesterday I thought I had really messed my computer up. I thought I would use Norton Ghost to back up my hard drive to another drive. However when the backup started, the computer locked up with the error message "No operating system". Several hours of trying various things resulted in no solution. So I used one of Tom's computers to get on the Internet and went to the Symantec webpage. There I found this problem discussed and that there was a program on their CD to restore the partition table to the previous state. I got the computer to boot up on their CD only to find that the Norton Utilities disk did not have that program. But as I recalled the mention of the Partition Table, I used a Windows 98 Boot floppy disk to get into the computer. I was very nervous using FDISK to check the partition table, but when I did found a very small partition had been added and set to Active. I changed the Active partition to the one where all my programs are and the computer came back on OK - Thank the Lord. I sure didn't want to loose the many programs I have installed even though I do keep good backups on my data files.

We got some much needed rain in the past couple of days but a couple of storms were severe enough that I was concerned for my awnings and limbs from the trees which we are parked under. However everything weathered the winds OK.

Seems there were a few other things I wanted to mention, but cannot recall them now. So will close and go back to bed and see if I can get some sleep.

Would like to hear from you, so please post your comments or email me at W2UCZ4@gmail.com Thank you

Andy and Loretta


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