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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Now near Arcadia, FL

Really got backed up this time.  i didn't have good internet connection at River Road RV Campground in Tennessee and not since either.  

Well the doctor visit on 18 December revealed that I do have skin Cancer on my ear.   But it isn't Melanoma, so more surgery can wait till Spring.  So we pulled out in the afternoon on the 19th.  But just after getting on I24, I had a blowout on the trailer.  I was able to put the spare on in less time than it would have taken Road Service to arrive.  We spent the night at Flying J near Reseca, GA where we fueled and dined.

The next day we had an unevntful trip to Macon, GA, where we parked at the Shrine Club Campground there.  We visited with Loretta's son Steve and his family and were treated to great meals there.  We only stayed there as we wanted to spend Christmas in Daytona Beach.  We parked at the Moose Club in Palatka for 3 nights and shopped and dined there.  Christmas day we drove to Daytona Beach for the day and celebrated with Loretta's son-in-law, niece and her family.  

The next day, we hooked up and came to our friends, Glenn and Sue near Arcadia.  I parked in a driveway several days so didn't do setup till several days later when we moved to a semi-permanent location.   I then did setup for the stay.  On Friday, we went to one of the local eateries with Glenn, Sue and daughter Andrea.  There we met another 10 or so friends for dinner and visit.  This is a weekly event and moves from one place to another each week.

On New Years Day we were treated to a Good Luck Dinner by our hosts.  Most time has been tending minor PM tasks.  We are going to the Senior Center weekdays for lunch and visit.  I think it is good to get Loretta out and moving around as she is quite weak and suffering quite a bit of Artheritis pain.  I had a small bracket on truck that needed welded.  About a 15 minute job - BUT when backing up to garage, I got stuck in the sand.  Glenn had to tow me out with his tractor.  Then we found that the bracket had to be removed (quite a task).  After welding the broken part back on and fabricating a support plate, I discovered that it was bent enough that it had to be adjusted to put back on.  So that little job took about 5 hours.   i also assisted Glenn on installing running boards on their new truck.  Somewhat difficult, but not too bad.  

I also took the wheel with defective tire to local tire shop.  They installed new tire and this afternoon I put it on trailer so I could get the spare off.  We have a new neighbor now.  Another Escapees RV Club couple have parked in the drive where we were when first arriving.  They are from New Hampshire and very active.  So we have had some great visiting.  

Other than Loretta's pain, we have been doing quite well.  We are enjoying the weather here with most days in upper 70's and lower 80's.  Nights are usually in upper 50's and 60's so we can sleep with windows open and very seldom turn furnace on.  Morning walks are great also.  As of now we expect to be here about 2 more months but do have to see how everything goes.

Not much more to report.  I do apologize, but today is the first good WiFi connection that I could depend on.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta

PS: If you have missed updates, you can catch up at the Blog.


  • At 10:50 AM , Blogger Glyn and Di said...

    Hi Andy and Loretta, I also had a chunk removed from my ear but it was a melanoma and required further surgery. I lost about half an inch and the ear (pinna) had to be reconstructed. Looks ok just a bit smaller!
    I blame baseball caps not protecting my ears. Buy yourself a Tilley hat, expensive, but a superb garment which will protect the head region.
    Happy new year 73 & 88


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