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Monday, July 01, 2013

Rainy day on the mountain

Loretta's Great Granddaughter and Great Great Grandson

Been mixture of busy and not busy since arriving in NY.  I let some of the auto dealers know that we are back in the area.  So a few days later I got a call to take a car from Warren, PA to Zanesville, OH and bring back another.  That was a hurried trip out as they didn't get me underway with any extra time.  The trip was over 600 miles and took over 12 hours.  i arrived back home at about midnight and took the car to the dealership the next morning.
Then a week ago last Saturday got a call to move cars from the Chevrolet used car lot in Jamestown to the Chautauqua Mall area for an event there.  This took about 4 hours and I moved 7 cars for them.  Last Wednesday evening i rode with 3 other drivers to an auto auction beyond Buffalo and brought a car back for a used car dealership.  Saturday I rode with 4 other drivers to Waverly, NY and brought another auto from an auction to the same dealership.  This has kept me occupied and helps the budget some.  I do expect more work this week and may have some driving for Sherman Livestock Sales too.  
On May 29th, my niece Pam had surgery on her neck that turned out poorly.  She was paralyzed on one side then got infection so spent about a month in the hospital.  I understand she is home but still on antibiotics for infection and therapy.  She is regaining use of her hand and leg, but still no feeling on that side so does need PRAYERS>

In addition, Loretta's niece Cindy in Daytona Beach, FL, was unable to be wakened recently.  She spent about 3 days in the hospital in a coma before passing away.  Loretta was unable to travel that distance in the short time before the funeral so we were unable to attend.

We have done a small amount of visiting and Loretta has been able to see her great-great-grandson 2 times.  Other than that, shopping and dining out, most of our time has been spent here.  I have walked around the area, done some yard work and some PM work on our rig.  I also installed a step on the running board of our truck to make it easier for Loretta to get in.

She is walking around more lately and I think getting around better.  But she is still pretty weak and tires easily, so most days are spent here near or in the trailer.  

We did have some hot days in the 80's, and a few that didn't hit 50.  And the past week has been rain off and on most days with several more days of same promised.  However the temperature has been in 60 and 70's, so except for WET it hasn't been uncomfortable.

Other than that, I haven't much to report at this time.
Do like to hear from you or see your comments to my posts.

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta
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