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Thursday, October 03, 2013

About winding up in NY

I should be ashamed of myself.  I sure have been neglecting this site.  I have been keeping quit busy all summer.  I have been transporting vehicles for the Schults auto dealerships several times a week.  Mostly from an auto auction north of Buffalo and another in Waverly, NY.  However I also did some trips to Mannheim,  and near Pittsburg, PA.  Several dealer trade trips too.  I have also done some yard work around here.  

I also did a few jobs for Sherman Livestock Sales which occupied a full day each.  On one, I was in Millersburg, OH picking up a truck that had been in an accident.  While there, Loretta attempted to walk to the house (about 100 yards) without her cane.  She also did not have her cell phone.  She fell in ted driveway and laid there over an hour before Tom came out and discovered her.  He got her into the house and cleaned up the blood then went to town to get her some lunch.  She seemed to be pretty fair when I arrived back in the evening.

Then last Wednesday, we were going to an affair at the Warren, PA YMCA.  I got her walker and assisted her into the building.  after parking the truck, I went back to find she was having difficulty walking.  I told her to secure brakes on walker and I would see if I could locate a wheel chair.  When I returned a couple of minutes she was on the floor in a pool of blood.  She said later that the walker had gotten away from her.  A nurse was in the building and attended her till the EMT's arrived.  They dressed the wound on her forehead and transported her to the ER.  The rest of the afternoon was spent there running tests and stitching up the cut.  She seems to have recovered OK and stitches were removed Tuesday.  

But she is sure getting weak and unsteady.  I am not sure how long we will be able to travel as we have been.  I wish she would exercise more and keep her strength up.  We will soon be heading back to Tennessee as our doctor appointments start the end of the month.  I am doing well, and Cystoscopy of my bladder was very good.  However later I had some bleeding.  CT Scan revealed a swollen kidney.  So a deeper Cystoscopy revealed a suspected tumor in the tube from the left kidney and a stent was inserted.   There was no malignancy, and later I was told that it may have been a blood clot.  Tuesday an ultrasound was performed and I see the urologist on Friday to be sure swelling is going down now.  

As Loretta hasn't been up to doing much, we have only visited a few close friends.  We did attend my class reunion and her family reunion.  As usual some church, dining out and shopping trips as I do like t get her out and moving as much as possible.

We hope to be able to visit my youngest brother in Virginia on our way south.   I haven't seen him in several years.  We having good weather mostly.  Some rainy spells but temperatures never got above the 80's.  A few nights down in the upper 30's, but no frost yet.  Leaves are now turning and the scenery from the hilltop here is beautiful.  Wild turkeys and deer showing up in the yard - last evening we saw an Albino dear nearby.  Not too many squirrels this year, but there eagles nesting nearby and they (and possibly coyotes) may bee keeping the population down.  However there is plenty other small game around.  

Not much more now
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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