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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy Thanksgivine

I have been asked who the picture was in my last post
Sorry but I neglected to mention that was my youngest brother Brian and wife Julia in Virginia.


So far late fall has been pretty good here in Tennessee.  We have had a lot of sunny days some with temperatures in the 80's and a few in the 50's.  We have had quite a few rainy spells and a couple with Severe Storm Watch.  However no severe storms have hit.  One windstorm did some damage here in the campground, but none to our site.  We were parked next to a vacant RV.  That has been occupied by a nice young couple.  He has been cleaning up that site and also ours.  He has sanded down the top and seats on our picnic table and applied finish to that.   

We have been quite busy with doctor visits, with good results so far.  The primary doctor suggest a spinal tap for Loretta to diagnose several conditions, but she says NO WAY.  She has been able to get back on her Arthritis medication, and her heart doctor said he doesn't need to see her for a year.

My doctor visits have been mixed.  The urologist visit on the 11th resulted in scheduled surgery at Vanderbilt Urology Clinic in Nashville on the 26th.  Tomorrow I go to their facility in 100 Oaks Plaza south of town tomorrow for pre-op.  They did report that the urine sample had suspicious cells that could be Cancerous.  The ophthalmologist was happy with the results of the Cataract surgery.  He said the the right eye does not qualify to surgery at this time.   The dermatologist did freeze several Pre Cancers.  She also took sample of one for biopsy.  I am expecting good results next Tuesday on the Cystocopy into my left Kidney.  And I certainly wish to thank those that have been praying for me.

We have been unable to attend the luncheons at the Senior Center this year for visit, exercise room and lunch.  The city which owns the building decided that my truck was too heavy for their lot.  ACTUALLY, I think the weight per square inch is less than that of a car.  We did get the lunches to bring home for a while,  but it was decided that if we didn't eat there, they would cost $7.00 each instead of $1.25 each. So we have been eating more at home and various restaurants.  We have also been attending a Wednesday bingo session and lunch at the Presbyterian Church.  This does get Loretta out to visit some.  Today they had a Pot Luck Thanksgiving  dinner.  We attend Rays Chapel UMC in nearby Unionville.  The service there is always preceded with a breakfast at Sunday School provided by one of the members - GOOD food.  

I have been walking around here and into the State Park most of the time.  Also some exercises here in the trailer.  I have also done several outside tasks, but the weather hasn't been conductive to any extended job.  The new solar panel seems to be working well and even with the low sun, am getting several AMPs into the batteries.  

I guess that is about all I have to report till after next Tuesday.  On Thanksgiving Day, we will be going to Loretta's grandson Marc's new house north of Murfreesboro.  Most of the family and some friends will be there.  We are looking forward to seeing the house as the outside picture that we have seen is very impressive.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving 
and GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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