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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Pretty well settled in Tennessee

Upon leaving New York, we visited Loretta's niece in Chambersburg, PA.  Then on to Matthews, VA to visit my youngest brother, spending a few nights at the Moose Lodge near Walden, MD.  We had a nice visit with he and his wife at their farm there.  

From there, we continued to River Road Campground near Chapel Hill, TN.  We did have a couple of freezing mornings when we arrived which slowed our setup.  But mostly the weather has been pretty good with a couple of hot days and one heavy thunderstorm.  In addition to some visiting and shopping, we have started our round of doctor appointments.  Loretta has seen 3 so far with good reports from all.  

I left Jamestown with info that the tumor might be cancerous and due to blood above that, he hadn't been able to check up into the Kidney.  The stent allowed the Kidney to drain and swelling has gone down.  So we decided to continue with my urologist from Vanderbilt Hospital.  However the earliest appoint I was able to get was 9 December which was disconcerting.  I called Western NY Urology about that and they called back with a new date of 11 November.  So Monday I will be seeing Dr. Chang in his office in Cool Springs.

We were unable to park on our usual site here for some reason and the first site was really too short.  So we moved to a 50Amp site that is much larger and doesn't require electrical cord adapters.  We have set up now and one neighbor had an unused 100Watt solar panel.  So i purchased that from him and installed it next to the other one on the roof of our trailer.  Getting the controller hooked up was a challenge and required several trips to town for hardware and connectors. But it seems to be working well now and hopefully will reduce the use of electric (which we pay for) by using the sun to do most of the battery charging.

Past few days have been beautiful fall days, but today is a bit chilly after a rainy night.  

Really not much more to report at this time.

Have a blessed day and GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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