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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Not the news I wanted to get

Marc and Shea Payne's new house

I went to doctor to have Stent removed.  He had gotten the Pathology reports back so I do not have to do follow up next Monday.  But what he told me wasn't at all what I was hoping for.  In addition to the tumor in the tube from the Kidney another has appeared in my Bladder.  One option is to remove both Kidney and Bladder, not really what I want to do and Major Surgery.  As of now we are planning on going back to Vanderbilt on January 15.  He will attempt removal of the Bladder cancer.  But I think the other will still be there.  Plan is to resume the BCG treatments that I had gone through before.  However he only gives that a 50% chance of being a cure.  So as of now, I will wait till then to see what happens.  

Loretta's grandson Marc has built a new house which we hadn't seen.  Thanksgiving was held there with most of the family in presence.  About 20-25, and great food, visit and tour of the house.  Most of our doctor visits are behind us now so not so many trips to Columbia.  The dermatologist found a pre-cancer on my left cheek and I go in Wednesday for treatment.   Also have appointment at bone and joint clinic for checkup.  

The weather has been up and down with some frosty mornings and day before yesterday the temperature reached about 75 degrees.  So for a couple of days I was able to do a lot of outside tasks.  BUT today it barely got to 40 with rain all night and day.  Supposed to get down to freezing again tonight and several more coming up.  In fact there is a winter storm watch in part of Tennessee today with freezing rain, sleet and perhaps some snow.  Brr - had hoped to be heading for Florida, BUT now if we even go it will not be before last part of January.  Sure would like to get to milder winter.  Also have a few little tasks to take care of on trailer and we have a great place there to do those.  

Loretta is still about the same - quite weak and a bit unsteady, but still getting around.  We try to get out to dine, shop or visit every day so she gets to move around some and socialize.  Don't expect to get out today as truck wouldn't start and now have battery charger on it.   I am supposed to get into the repair shop for checkup in near future.  So far we have kept away from truck shops most of this year.   That sure helps the budget.  

As of now I don't know what our Christmas plans will be.  Sure that we will celebrate with some of Loretta's relatives.  

Guess that is it for now.
Keep us in your prayers
Merry CHRISTmas and GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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