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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Year to all


Well not a lot of excitement here in Central Tennessee. The warm weather has pretty well left and we have had a lot of cold nights and days with frigid breezes. We did get up to 75 a few nights ago, but that was with a cold front coming with severe storms in the area. Fortunately we got only a few dead limbs down in the campground, but North – Nashville and north got lots of wind damage and some power lines down. There was some snow there also but we just saw a few flakes.

I hope everyone had a Merry CHRISTmas. We did spending the day with Loretta's daughter-in-law, her family and friends. And we want to wish you a very Happy New Year with good health.

Speaking of health, the Cystoscopy in Vanderbilt revealed another tumor in my bladder. I was given 2 choices, one was to remove the bladder and kidney. That wasn't too favorable. The other is to go back and have the tumor in the bladder removed then follow up again with BCG treatments. There will be 1 treatment each week for 6 weeks. But I can have those done by most Urololgists, so we still may be able to get to Florida later in January for a couple of months. That would certainly save us some money as in addition to campround charges, we have been using a lot of propane and additonal electric.

Other than that surgery at Vanderbilt on the 15th of January, most if not all doctor visits are behind us for this time. I try to get out each day to get Loretta moving around, so we eat out almose every day. We also have started attending a Wednesday get together at the Presbyterian Church. The have a devotion, bingo session and pot-luck luncheon. We enjoy that day and the visits there.

We are not much for sending cards. So we wish to thank all that did send cards to us. We also liked the year end letters. This is more or less out year end letter. It will be posted on my blog: RVTravel.blogspot.com You can follow us there and see previous posts.

Till next time
GOD Bless and Happy New Year

Andy and Loretta


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