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Sunday, June 01, 2014

Now in New York

Well, we have been keeping pretty well occupied so very far behind.  

First the results on truck problems.  When I got it back, they couldn't find a cause for problem.  The only thing they did was remove main fuse at batteries and replace.  So I expect a high resistance at fuse contact.  It did act up again so I removed fuse, cleaned contacts and replaced.  No problem since, but I purchased new fuses just in case.  I also had the Air Conditioner recharged before trip north as it wasn't working well.

All of my doctor visits came out well and I was cleared to travel.  However Loretta was in a lot of pain one morning.  Doctor checked her and ordered CT Scan which left questionable results.  Another Scan revealed nothing to be concerned about at this time, but he does want a Pet Scan next fall.  When we got mail, I found that my CDL (Commercial Driver License) had been revoked due to not renewing Medical Certificate (as if I hadn't had enough to keep my mind occupied-  also should have received notice about that which I hadn't).  I was lucky to get the Medical the next day and CDL reinstated before leaving Tennessee.

We had a good trip north and have everything set up for long stay.  We haven't done any visiting and only a little shopping so far here.  I have assisted our host with several Ham Radio and WiFi challenges.  I have also helped with some yard work as I am now pretty well able to do everything.  Yesterday a gentleman from campground came and asked if I would bring a 5th Wheel trailer from Onoville to the campground for him which I did.  I understand that next weekend there will be another to move up too.  

Other than that, nothing to report.

GOD Bless
Andy & Loretta


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