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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Time flies

Hard to believe that it has been 2 months since last post.  I must have been kept occupied?

Health wise, I have been doing very well.  Loretta still weak and unsteady at times.  We have done some visiting but not a lot.  Loretta is happy to see her great-great grandson again.

I have been assisting with yard work for our hosts, also Tom owns a Ham Radio repeater system which I have provided some help on maintenance and repair.

I also have had several driving jobs for local dealers.  These have included many trips to auto auctions bring back vehicles from them.  Most were cars and pickups, but one was a 4 axle dump truck which did require my CDL.  I had to pass through a Department of Motor Vehicles checkpoint with that.  But no real problem there.  Last Friday I got a call from a gentleman in Hamburg, NY.  He had purchased a small 5th Wheel trailer in Jamestown.  He was waiting for hitch to be installed in his pickup but wanted the trailer at his house before then.  So I moved that to his residence and parked it in his driveway.  Loretta went along and enjoyed the ride.  Some driving trips have been delivering pickups to local rodeos and returning to dealer.  Expect that in next few days will take more back to dealership.  I have had opportunity to drive several new vehicles with less than 10 miles on odometer when I picked them up.  All nice and most very enjoyable.

We have been doing our usual shopping and also dining at our favorite restaurants. I was having a wax buildup on one ear causing hearing problems.  So last week went to clinic in Jamestown to have that removed.  Good to hear well again.  Loretta requires a blood test every few weeks.  She has that done at Warren, Pa General Hospital.  She is due another test this week.  I also require blood work for my kidney doctor at Vanderbilt University Hospital. So we will do both the same day.

Otherwise, not a lot to report.  Always like to hear from you.  Please email me.

GOD Bless
Andy & Loretta


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