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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Not much

Not really much new in past 2 months.  I have been doing quite a bit of driving.  One was bringing a Semi from Mercer.  A few fairly long trips including one to Indianapolis - 16 hours.  I have also been doing some exterior PM jobs on our trailer as usual minor repairs.  Our truck is now in the body shop.  I had minor damage to the fiberglass part of the bed.  They removed them and now waiting to get them painted.  They have had truck 2 weeks now, so hope to get that back soon.  Have been using our host's pickup for transportation in the meantime.   As usual, I have been assisting on some yard work here.

Loretta hasn't been up to a lot of visiting, so other than several visits to her great granddaughter and family not much.  Her family reunion was on Labor Day Sunday.  That was a very rainy day, but there was a good turnout and a good time and food was had. 

Our health has been good with mo real change since last post.  We do have appointments in Tennessee later this month.  So will be moving out in a few weeks.  Have had a lot of rainy days this year.  Finally a 10 day period of sunny weather - nice.  No real hot, humid days this year.  But things are changing.  Very windy yesterday and all night, Temperature only in the 50's and dropping.  So I guess winter is on the way.  Sure glad that we will be away from here by then.

Guess that is it for now
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta 


  • At 10:01 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Andy and LORETTa was nice to read your post and sso glad to all is going well for you we had a quite day yesterday with my boys and their grandpa and Mom was all Didnt have to cook 1st time in years was glad im wore out been sick for 3 days vomit and ddiaarea feelin gbetter bu the boys are afraid ive had a stroke because i left water running and door open on mic just want to sleep and not go anywhere they dont under about getting older and stress and body slowing down
    hope you had a blessed CHristmas and i would wish all your days will be marry and bright LOVE to u both till we meet again
    God Bless


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