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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Vdey active 2 months

Did several more driving jobs in October.  Ending up with 2 trips to Columbus, OH in 2 days.  Then we hooked up and got ready to move back to Tennessee.  There were still 2 cars left in Columbus from that sale.  So we took 2 drivers there on our way.  

Rest of trip was pretty well uneventful and we spent 2 nights along the way.  We arrived at River Road RV Campground on 22 October.  Our previous space was in use, so we parked 2 spaces away.  Space fine, but both Verizon and TV signals were terrible.  I almost always lost phone calls and I have a Verizon HotSpot for Internet and that was NOT good either.  I tried to locate something online that would help Wireless signals.  Wilson makes some devices, but the price is way too high for just a few months use.  if that was a empowerment location, the investment would probably be worth it.  

We both have been busy with doctor visits.  Almost all have had good reports.  The Bone and Joint doctor said Loretta's hip replacement still looks very good.  He did say I am ready for a Knee replacement.  However as it usually doesn't give me much if any pain, that will wait.  Also the \Ophthalmologist said that my other cataract is ready for removal.  As I have lived with it for at least 12 years, decided to wait till spring for that also.  X-Rays and tests indicate results of Bladder Cancer and removal is doing fine.  I do have to see the Kidney doctor on Thursday.  Loretta also is having a recurrence of her Kidney problem which had been in remission for many years.  Hopefully medication for a month will clear that up.  She also had chest pains 2 weeks ago.  Trip to emergency room revealed no reason.  But she will need a stress test next Friday.  We did have starting problems with truck early in November.  Road service could not get it going, so ti was towed to out truck repair shop in Columbia.  We were without transportation several days.  But now it seems to be starting and running great.

Last Sunday, I got a call from my niece that my brother was in the hospital in Jamestown for emergency surgery.  The word I received later indicated that his condition was critical but hopeful.  However all attempts failed.  He passed away early Tuesday morning.  Loretta had a doctor appointment tin Columbia that day.  So after she finished there we rented a car and left truck at the rental agency.  We went home to pack and sleep.  Early Wednesday we loaded up and headed fot NY - 750 mile trip.  We arrived at the home of friends near Frewsburg at about 10PM.  We had good weather almost all the way but after getting near Jamestown, ran into snow and sloppy roads. But the rental car handled that quite well.

Thursday we woke to find it had snowed quite a lot overnight.  Tom didn't think we should attempt road conditions with the car and loaned us his 4 wheel drive truck.  Good thing, as even the expressway in Chautauqua County had NOT been plowed.  They were much better in Cattaraugus County.  We went to the funeral home in Randolph for the viewing and visit with family and friends.  We returned to Frewsburg by dark.

Friday we returned to Randolph for the funeral.  Roads were pretty good, but the Malibu was buried under snow.  And it was really good to have 4WD for the road here and the drive.  Loretta has a new great-great granddaughter.  She was only born last week and Loretta had not expected to see her till next summer.  So yesterday we went to Sherman to visit Loretta's great granddaughter and family.  And to see the newcomer.  Also good to see the other 2 kids and the parents.  Needed the 4WD again to get out of their driveway. 

We are planning on going to Wheeler Hill UMC Church near here in the morning.  Then dig the rental car out of snow.  It is supposed to warm up, but not all that much.  Plans are to get a good nights sleep and early Monday morning head back to Tennessee.  Don't have to do it in one day this time, so will see how well I hold up.  When we get back there, we have doctor visits and tests the rest of the week.  Then hopefully we will head to Florida for the winter.

Wishing all a Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year.
GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta
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