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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Time really flies

Time has gotten away from me.  Also I have limited bandwidth on my Verizon internet connection.  That may be a thing of the past as I upped from 5GB to 8GB.  

The trip to NY for my brothers funeral was a bit too much for Loretta.  750 miles each way which I did in one day each.  At any rate, on 18 Dec, I had an appointment at Vanderbilt.  I came home to find Loretta on kitchen floor.  She hadn't gotten hurt, but needed help getting up.  Then that night she stumbled while returning to bed from bathroom hurting her back.  I strained mine helping her up.  Chiropractor helped mine, but she finally went to doctor about hers. He had X-Rays done which revealed no breakage but lots of Arthritis.  A follow up trip to Mid Tennessee Bone and Joint confirmed that.  Fortunately, the pain is now gone.  She had been on Vesi-Care which may have caused instability. 

A follow up to Urologist resulted in a medicine change which seemed to help but NOT much with Bladder control.  The doctor finally arranged for Maury Home Health to tend to her.  A PT technician has been coming 3 times a week and she has improved quite a bit in strength and stability.  BUT still has a long way to go and he will not be coming any more.  She also has had an Aide coming to assist her 3 days a week.  I had expected that Friday would be her last day also.  However a 2 weeks ago a nurse had inserted a catheter to prevent bed sores.  It was in for a week then she caught the pouch and pulled it out.  I called a nurse and she said to try without it.  However it soon appeared that she would require it again.  So Friday the nurse inserted a new one.  The Aide says that she will be able to come as Loretta is under nurse care.  GOOD, that takes a load off my mind.  I have been keeping busy preparing meals, doing dishes and housework and laundry. 

I have being well myself, some knee pain but not that bad.  Loretta has hardly left the trailer except for doctor visits since mid December.  However last evening her daughter and son-in-law came by for visit.  They took us to Logan's Roadhouse in Spring Hill and treated us to supper.  ALSO enough leftovers for supper this evening.  

We had planned on going to Florida before Christmas, however as of now don't think we will make Florida this winter.  Not even sure that we will be able to go to NY this summer.  I told Loretta she would have to get around better before we can travel.  She wants to visit her son in Georgia also which would be nice.

She had been having difficulty getting into our RV.  I had the campground owner purchase lumber and hired one of the tenants to build a small landing with stairs and side rails to get in and out.  Last evening was the first time she had tried them out and it does help and she likes them - GOOD.

We managed to overload a 30Amp electric service and burn that and my plug up.  There was a 50Amp site across the drive.  It had been occupied by a Motor home from Alabama.  The lady was returning to Alabama, so I drove it to her home there.  Wasn't sure that the trip would be successful as it quit on the Interstate.  She arranged for road service to come out but before they arrived, it started and ran the rest of the way OK.  So the next day was spent securing, moving across the drive and setting up again.  Don't like site quite as well, but better power and Cell Phone service.

Guess that is it for now.
GOD Bless all
Andy and Loretta
W2 UCZ@yahoo.com


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