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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Too much has been happening.

Sorry that I am so late with update.  Loretta had been keeping me busy looking after her.  Then she hadn't been drinking enough water and about 17 Feb stopped eating much. On the 19th she wouldn't come to table for breakfast.  I told her that she would need as I didn't want to serve breakfast in bed.  She had been spending too much there.  Later in the day she decided to get up.  I helped her up but she could NOT stand and ending sitting on step by bed.

She had been under care of Home Health nurse.  So I called her and was told to take her to doctor or ER.  I said that in her condition I couldn't take her anywhere and called EMT's.  She was taken to Maury Regional Hospital in Columbia, TN.  She spent 5 days there getting treated for UTI.  One day in ICU as her blood pressure was too low.  When she was released from the hospital, she was taken by ambulance to Life Care of Columbia for rehab.  

She has been there a month and is getting some strength back but very slowly.  Also some difficulty with dementia.  She gets depressed and wants to come home.  However last Friday I was told that if she were to come home then she would need 24 hour observation.  That I cannot provide and keep up with every thing else that I need to do.  I do go to visit almost every day and usually have lunch with her in the dining room with another couple.

Her son-in-law Bill Payne was also hospitalized and ended up in Life Care for rehab, so he has joined us for lunch at times and I think supper with Loretta.  He is supposed to return home today.  They play Bingo 3 days a week and I go with her to assist and observe.  Also there is ice cream afterwards, HI.  

Yesterday she had her hair done in the on site beauty parlor and her nails done.  Looks a lot better and I am sure she feels better too.  She has one foot hurting so has seen doctors about that.  I have to go to doctors with her also.  

In addition to the almost 50 mile trips there, I try to keep things up here, do laundry ( she uses a lot of clothes there) and when weather permits walk a mile or so.  

I imagine Loretta would like cards:
Her address is:
Margaret Chapman
Rm 241
Life Care Center of Columbia
841 West James Campbell Blvd
Columbia, TN 38401

She also has Cell Phone #716-460-2584, but hearing isn't too well.

GOD Bless all and thanks for thoughts and prayers
Andy and Loretta


  • At 10:04 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Andy, so sorry to hear about Loretta, hope she recovers soon. Thinking of you both and sending good wishes from UK. Stay strong and cheerful, it really helps. Very best 73- Glyn G3ZSV


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