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Friday, May 22, 2015

Latest news or lack thereof

Not much new here as I have been going to visit Loretta in the nursing home 6 days a week.  Sundays I have been going to church, then shopping, getting propane and fuel for truck.  I take it easy rest of day and tend to things around here.

She has progressed fairly well with therapy.  But Medicare discontinued on the 17th.  As I was to have cataract surgery this week she was asked to stay till the first of June.  She does get maintenance therapy and I have helped her walk several times.  Some days she does very well and others not so good.  Sure hope she can handle coming home well - but time will tell.  She sure wants to go to NY this summer as I do, but will have to wait and see.

I did take a break this last week, leaving on Thursday for the Dayton, OH Hamvention.  I rented a car for the trip and left truck in the shop for service and some repairs.  I understand repairs were more than expected, but haven't seen bill yet. Yesterday I had the cataract surgery on my right eye.  And except a bit blurry (from drops?) it is doing very well.  I did follow up to have patch removed and surgery checked in the afternoon so visited and walked with Loretta in between.  Then home to take it easy rest of day.

Otherwise all well with me and looking forward to Loretta coming home.  I am sure that will make more work for me here, but will eliminate the travel every day.  Of course it will cost more to eat when she gets out, HI.  

I imagine Loretta would like cards:
Her address is:
Margaret Chapman
Rm 241
Life Care Center of Columbia
841 West James Campbell Blvd
Columbia, TN 38401
She also has Cell Phone #716-460-2584, but hearing isn't too well.
GOD Bless all and thanks for thoughts and prayers
Andy and Loretta


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