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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Back home and getting settled in

Things kept going wrong.  My laptop died - (Missing OS?).  I was unable to get it up again, so borrowed one from granddaughter.  That one was difficult to use and the internet connection at LifeCare of Columbia was not good.  So I got backed up on everything and still catching up. 

I finally got the Urostomy bag under control and came home on the 11th I think.  I had some difficulties here but have pretty well overcome them.  Of course no heavy lifting of any kind.   I was doing some local driving without difficulty and did keep one doctor appointment in Columbia OK. 

Loretta felt she could get along without any help from me Sunday.  Sharon brought her home and put her things away while we went to Sunday School.  They were sure glad to see Loretta there (I had been there the week before).   But she wasn't up to staying for the service.  So we headed home, stopping for a few groceries on the way. 

When we left the grocery store, the speedometer on the truck wasn't indicating properly.  So I stopped on the shoulder and shut it off, thinking a restart would clear the problem.  WRONG, it would try to start but not run.  So a call to the campground got Sharon to come and bring us home.  After some searching, I found the number for Road Service and got a wrecker on the way.  Pam (campground owner) took be back to meet with the driver and back here.  He took the truck to RP Williams in Columbia. 

RP called Monday morning and said he would get to the repair ASAP.  We had to go to Columbia for doctors yesterday.  Sharon and Bill came and took us and also brought the rest of our stuff from their place.  I had planned on checking on the truck while there, but was detained too long at last appointment.  But he did call later to inform me that the problem seemed to be in the wiring and he felt it was under control.  He wanted to run more checks today and said he would call.  But it is 2PM and haven't heard anything yet.  I may call him, as I so have a ride available. 

I am feeling good and walking most days - sometimes over 3 miles picking up trash along the roadway.  Still uncomfortable and occasionally some pain but very little. 

GOD Bless
Andy and Loretta


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